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These two last years have been intense with work and achievements.
My book "La Cosa Importante" came out .
It was shown at the Fiera del Libro di Imperia in June 2012

I wrote the text and drew the illustrations. I did also the graphic of the book. It is about  Soul and the place it goes after life. I tried to make the subject light and pleasant for children (and parents) and it was not easy!
I had the honour to have my work presented at  Public Library by Professor Leo Lecci , Ord.  of Contemporary Art at the University of Genoa

foto di Marie France Durando

In May 2013 the second edition of my first illustrated book was presented  at the Public Library of Sanremo and Ventimiglia.
Ten years ago I had published  with a friend of mine a collection of children poems Un Giro di Giostra. It had been  a good success, and the edition was sold out. Two years ago  another publishing house asked us the permission to republish the collection and I worked hard at the new edition, adding an illustration for each poem ( the previous edition had only 10 illustrations, the new one  thirty plus the 10 limericks, inspired by those by Edward Lear). You can read  and see some of them on the site 

I have worked a longtime as a translator and I have a degree in modern languages, but I find it quite difficult to translate poetry because of the rhymes. But  I'll do my best to give you an idea and forgive  me for the awful english!
Here are some of the poem titles:

Why do we need a heart?

Pat Perfect and Future  Tenses
for this poem on grammar tenses I created a pencil riding italian "Vespa"

  The Windy Village
for this poem we made the other way round:
Fabrizio composed the poem getting inspiration from one of my illustrations for the  New Magazine Imperia

Planet Fair 
On Neptune, no way to arrive nor leave...

The Light Cloud
This was the first poem I illustrated. It is the story of a chimney with a sore throat.

I have really loved to illustrate these poems, they have a beautiful simplicity.
The last poem of the collection is played on drops of seawater:

In a sea of drops,
a drop of sea
what shall it do?
It shall be lulled
amid the waves
light and blue
carried away
by every current
on the far away thread 
of the horizon
past and present
being nothing
being everything 

....translation by myself!!!!Comments welcome!!!

In 2013 I was  at the Book Fair of Imperia with a new illustrated book:

It was the result of a collaboration among various authors.
Since 2001 I have been drawing the cover of the Imperia New Magazine (see PUBLISHED WORKS). About 80 original works have appeared on the cover, and one year ago we put up a competion on the magazine asking authors to write an essay or a story inspired by one of those covers. . The nicest were put together and published.

I have a dream in my drawer (as we say in italian): publish the adventures of my Oreste.
Who's Oreste? He is a little bird  I created and it appears here and there in my illustrations.
A friend, Angelo Balocchi, writer and artist, saw my drawings and wrote his story. The story is beautiful and I am now working at preparing a nice book. Publishers...welcome!

This is one of the illustrations that inspired the story (from  IL MONDO DI ORESTE )

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  1. Cara Cristina, veramente un interessante post, complimenti cara amica.

  2. fantastico Cris: prepariamo lo sbarco in terra anglosassone dove sicuramente c'è più sensibilità e attenzione nei confronti della vera arte!!!

    1. Luigi, grazie del sostegno :=)...ho solo postato il mio curriculum in inglese perchè ho dato il link a clienti stranieri . ..e teniamo le dita incrociate!!
      Comunque io non mi posso lamentare in quanto a sensibilità e attenzione nei miei confronti :=) <3

  3. Ciao Cristina e saluti da California! Questo e' il mio prima volte qui. Scusi il mio italiano. Ma tua illustrazione sono fantastico. Anche io faccio illustrazione e io piace molto tu blog, tu foto e tu illustrazione. Complimenti e bravo Cristina!
    Io scrivere un blog sulla cibo ma con il mio pensieri sulla vita e relazione. Per favore de visitar me. Forse seguire me. That would be very cool!